Assignment #7


I chose Emily Dickinson, because she’s one of the best known poets in American History.


Assignment #6

This bird is amazing the way it can mimick different sounds and noises. I’ve never heard of a bird being able to mimick construstion noises. It could imitated human voices like a parrot, but it’s more awesome.

Assignment #4

The media brain washes people to believe that “real” people are thin and tall. This makes girls think they aren’t beautiful unless they look like the models. Most models are fake; they have a lot of make up on and they get photoshopped after the photoshoots. Everyone is beautiful no matter what people say or think. It doesn’t matter if your thin, fat, tall, short; you’re still beautiful.

The media is all about being skinny and wearing make up to look beautiful, but it shouldn’t always be about looking beautiful.

The Crucible

If I lived in the Puritans days and was accused of witchcraft, I would say I didn’t do it. I’d rather be hung for something I didn’t do than to lie. You wouldn’t be able to live in the same village and no one would like you for confessing to being a witch. I would know that I wasn’t..

In the Puritan days, people believed that witches were people who did witchcraft such as potions and casting spells. Our view points on witches now days are similar, but we added the pointy hat and broom stick.

Assignment # 2

I only got 4 right. It’s hard to figure out what race people are because some of them have different ethnic backgrounds. I guess that’s why people get mad, because others call them the race that person sees them as. Everyone labels people as how they see them, even though they aren’t always right. Racial discrimination is wrong in my opinion..